Our Services

Pre-purchase Inspections

Are you looking to buy a new home or investment property? 

Our pre-purchase inspections are specifically designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  Our focus is on our interactive inspection process. This allows us to provide real time education of the components, and systems. You will feel secure that you "know" your new home.


Pre-sale Inspections

Thinking of selling your home? 

Pre-sale inspections can aid you in a speedy sale. By presenting perspective buyers with a our detailed inspection report offers become less complicated and move forward quickly. 

With a pre-sale inspection you also have the opportunity to discover and repair any defects within the home prior to sale. This can help keep the selling price high.

Maintenance Inspections

Looking to maintain your home and don't know what to do first? Do you need a new roof? or can you get the kitchen of your dreams?

Maintenance inspections a designed to help you spend your money wisely. Our goal is to discover the various deficiencies that may be found, while providing you with a accurate guide as to the severity and nature of the defect. Enabling you to budget for repair and renovations more efficiently.

Warranty Inspections

Our warranty inspections ensure your newly built home has been constructed to government standards and meets building code requirements. With multiply inspections we can discover defects as they happen and ensure they are covered by your warranty.

  • PDI or pre-delivery inspection.This inspection is completed by the builder of the home and is carried out prior to delivery. Defects found here are usually repaired prior to delivery. We offer inspector consultation during this inspection for a nominal fee.
  • 30-Day inspections are very important. At the 30-day period you have had a chance to get to know your new home. Any issues should be mentioned at this stage no matter how minor. We will also investigate to the status of the defects found in the PDI. 
  • 1-year Inspection. After a year you are now familiar with your home and the various systems and components. All of the defects found thus far should have been repaired. We will work with you to discover any new deficiencies and go over any concerns you may have. 

Renovation Audits

Thinking of a renovation? Perhaps you have heard a horror story of a contractor taking advantage of a homeowner? 

Our renovation audits are designed to ensure your renovation goes smoothly and correctly. For most renovations we recommend periodic visits. However for some projects a constant presence is warranted. In this fashion we are able to track daily progress and ensure your renovation is being completed utilizing current building codes and practices. Fees are flexible and quoted on a project to project basis